Celebrating 30 Years of Service to Region VIII

In February of 1985, CHAMPS was founded to unite Region VIII health centers in an advocacy and mutual support network of community-based providers of primary care and related services for underserved communities in the Mountain and Plains states (CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, and WY). CHAMPS will be celebrating our 30th Anniversary throughout 2015, and we invite you to explore the items below to learn more about CHAMPS history, leadership, and membership.

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MPCN 25th Anniversary
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Countless individuals and organizations have been instrumental in the success of CHAMPS, contributing their talents, wisdom, resources, and vision to enable CHAMPS to serve Region VIII for three decades. CHAMPS staff celebrates and honors all who have supported and guided CHAMPS over the years.

We especially want to thank and acknowledge the leadership of CHAMPS: CHAMPS’ amazing and dedicated Executive Committee who is an integral part of CHAMPS’ success; the CHAMPS Board of Directors who have gifted CHAMPS with their commitment and passion, and the Mountain/Plains Clinical Network Steering Committee who ensure the voice of providers is heard. We also extend an enormous amount of gratitude to CHAMPS Organizational Members, and Individual Members, who have been steadfast and generous.

Much appreciation is also due to CHAMPS’ wonderful partners: our terrific federal partners at HRSA and BPHC, our marvelous State PCA partners in Region VIII as well as nationally, our outstanding Regional PCA partner NWRPCA, our fantastic national partner NACHC, and our many other partners who have collaborated with CHAMPS.


Click HERE for an interactive electronic timeline highlighting CHAMPS leadership, programs, and changes over the past thirty years.


Click HERE for a one-page flyer highlighting CHAMPS milestones, Region VIII health centers, CHAMPS fast facts, and cultural references from 1985.


By sifting through years of Organizational Membership archives, CHAMPS staff was able to recreate a membership history dating back to January of 1993. We extend sincere appreciation to our member health centers and State Primary Care Associations for their belief in the value of a regional association. From our founders to our newest Newly Funded and Look-Alike members, we celebrate you and thank you for your continued support of CHAMPS and your steadfast commitment to our mission and programs.  Click HERE for this two-page flyer.


In 1990, a group of Region VIII clinicians established the Mountain/Plains Clinical Network (MPCN), a program of CHAMPS. Happy 25th Anniversary MPCN!  Click HERE for the MPCN 25th Anniversary e-Card.


Executive Committee Testimonials: Current CHAMPS President John Mengenhausen (CEO of Horizon Health Care, Inc., SD) and Montana Representative Cindy Smith (CEO of Bullhook Community Health Center, MT) provide their thoughts about CHAMPS.

Board of Directors Testimonials: Current CHAMPS Board of Directors Members provide their thoughts about CHAMPS.

Mountain/Plains Clinical Network Steering Committee Testimonials: In addition to CHAMPS celebrating 30 years of service in 2015, the Mountain/Plains Clinical Network (MPCN) is celebrating 25 years of clinicians from health centers in Region VIII working together to ensure the delivery of the highest quality health care to their communities. The MPCN Steering Committee has shared their thoughts on these milestones and what CHAMPS means to them.

Partner Testimonials: Thoughts from organizations that partner with CHAMPS to develop trainings, online resources, and other activities in support of health centers in Region VIII.


Over the next 30 years CHAMPS will continue to strengthen the Region VIII health center network by offering innovative education and training for health center staff at all levels, providing effective networking opportunities, and supporting workforce development, promoting best practices in staff recruitment and retention. CHAMPS will also advocate for the health care needs of special populations and work to ensure Mountain/Plains states issues are brought to the forefront of regional and national decision-making.

CHAMPS members recognize that they will always gain more when they work collectively, and to that end, CHAMPS remains committed to ensuring the health of all individuals who reside in the Mountain/Plains states. CHAMPS will continue to develop, expand, and advocate for services and resources that build a stronger health center network in Region VIII; be it education and training, workforce development, or advocacy, CHAMPS will strive to offer services and programs that equally serve large and small, rural and urban health centers, and all in-between. Indeed, CHAMPS is made stronger by the diversity of its membership.

As CHAMPS celebrates 30 years of service to Region VIII,
we honor member health centers and SPCAs for their
support of and belief in the value of a regional association.