CHAMPS Resources Supporting Health Center Clinical and Financial Performance Measures

CHAMPS programs and services support Region VIII health centers in successfully meeting the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Bureau of Primary Health Care’s (BPHC’s) Clinical and Financial Performance Measures for HRSA-funded health centers. See below for links to the CHAMPS programs and services supporting each measure.

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Health Outcomes/Disparities
Additional Measures
Financial Viability/Cost


Percentage of pregnant women beginning prenatal care in the first trimester

Percentage of children with 2nd birthday during the measurement year with appropriate immunizations

Percentage of women 21-64 years of age who received one or more tests to screen for cervical cancer

Percentage of patients age 2 to 17 years who had a visit during the current year and who had Body Mass Index (BMI) Percentile documentation, counseling for nutrition, and counseling for physical activity during the measurement year

Percentage of patients age 18 years or older who had their Body Mass Index (BMI) calculated at the last visit or within the last six months and, if they were overweight or underweight, had a follow-up plan documented

Percentage of patients age 18 years and older who were queried about tobacco use one or more times within 24 months

Percentage of patients age 18 years and older who are users of tobacco and who received (charted) advice to quit smoking or tobacco use

Percentage of patients age 5 to 40 years with a diagnosis of persistent asthma (either mild, moderate, or severe) who were prescribed either the preferred long term control medication or an acceptable alternative pharmacological therapy during the current year

Coronary Artery Disease, Lipid Therapy

Ischemic Vascular Disease (IVD), Aspirin Therapy

Colorectal Cancer Screening


Percentage diabetic patients whose HbA1c levels are less than 7 percent, less than 8 percent, less than or equal to 9 percent, or greater than 9 percent

Percentage of adult patients with diagnosed hypertension whose most recent blood pressure was less than 140/90

Percentage of births less than 2,500 grams to health center patients


Additional Behavioral Health (e.g., Mental Health or Substance Abuse) Performance Measure (health center choice)

Additional Oral Health Performance Measure (health center choice)


Total cost per patient

Medical cost per medical visit

Change in net assets to expense ratio

Working capital to monthly expense ratio

Long term debt to equity ratio