Disease/Condition Specific Resources

CHAMPS has researched and compiled a variety of resources aimed at supporting health care providers at Region VIII Community Health Centers in offering the highest quality patient-care possible.  Resources including evidence based clinical guidelines, articles, reports, patient education tools, and provider treatment tools are available for the diseases and conditions listed below.  If you utilize an evidence-based clinical resource appropriate for health center clinicians that is not listed on these webpages, please contact the CHAMPS Clinical Quality Improvement Director.

CHAMPS is continuously updating these materials as well as adding new resources for more diseases and conditions.

Please follow the links below for:
Asthma Treatment Resources
Behavioral Health Resources
Breastfeeding Resources
Chronic Pain Treatment Resources
Colorectal Cancer Screening Resources
Diabetes Treatment Resources
HIV/AIDS Treatment Resources

Oral Health Resources      
Overweight and Obesity Treatment and Prevention Resources
Substance Use Disorder Resources

Suicide Prevention Resources
Women’s Reproductive Health Resources