HPSA Designation Advantages

Being a HPSA-designated community health center provides benefits not only to the current staff of the center, but also to students and candidates exploring their employment opportunities in the healthcare field. Here are just a few examples:

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NHSC Scholarship Program
NHSC Loan Repayment Program
Site Advisors
Rural Health Clinic Certification
Medicare Reimbursement
Special Considerations

1. The NHSC SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM provides scholarships for the training of health professionals who agree to serve in National Health Service Corps (NHSC) sites.

In order to qualify for the scholarships, scholars are required to provide service in a designated Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) for a specified amount of time after completing their education. Only the very highest priority HPSAs nationally may qualify, as the number of scholars is small.

Click HERE for more NHSC information on the Scholarship Program.

2. The NHSC LOAN REPAYMENT PROGRAM provides primary care health professionals with payment up to $60,000 for two years of service in a HPSA, and up to $170,000 for five years of service.

There is a two year minimum service commitment for full-time work, and a four year commitment for part-time work.  The payment must be used for repayment of educational loans. Providers can apply for an extension after completing their initial obligation.

Click HERE for more NHSC information on the Loan Repayment Program.

3. The NHSC will also provide SITE ADVISORS to any HPSA site at no cost.

NHSC’s site advisors will assist HPSA sites to establish or maintain relationships with the primary site and recruitment contacts, post, update or delete job vacancies on NHSC Job Opportunities, update site information or renew an Recruitment and Retention application, get information on the National Health Service Corps and its programs, and work with the Scholar Placement Team to match scholars with your site.

For more information on NHSC’s technical assistance, click HERE.

4. HPSA/MUA designation is one factor required to obtain RURAL HEALTH CLINIC CERTIFICATION.

Public Law 95-210 provides for Medicare and Medicaid cost-based reimbursement of services provided by physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and certified nurse midwives in certified Rural Health Centers. In order to receive certification, the clinic must be located in a HPSA or MUA, be located in a rural county, and have a mid-level provider in the clinic at least 50% of the time the clinic is open.

Click HERE for more federal rural funding information.

5. Providers rendering service in a Geographic (not Special Population) HPSA may receive increased MEDICARE REIMBURSEMENT.

These providers may receive a 10% increase in Medicare reimbursement by using either the QB or QU modifiers (based on geographic location) on the billing form. Contact your State Primary Care Office (PCO) for assistance.

For PCO contacts in Region VIII (CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, WY), link to our HPSA Contacts page.

6. HPSA applicants may be given SPECIAL CONSIDERATION when applying for some federal programs (grants and others).

In order to be considered for these advantages or extra points, it is important that you identify yourself as a HPSA site in all correspondence, applications, etc., using your designation letter as proof. Contact your State Primary Care Office for assistance.

For PCO contacts in Region VIII (CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, WY), link to our HPSA Contacts page.

Visit our CHC-Related Federal & State Programs page to learn about additional services.