Evaluation and Assessment

Community Health Center boards have very specific federally-regulated responsibilities (see the CHC Board Roles & Responsibilities page for details). How well is your board accomplishing these? How effectively is your board working?

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Evaluating the Executive Director’s Performance
Evaluating the Board of Directors’ Performance
Nonprofit Organizational Assessment


According to the Code of Federal Regulations, a CHC’s Board of Directors has “responsibility for approval for the selection and dismissal of a project director or chief executive officer of the center.” A key component of this responsibility is regular assessment of the Executive Director’s performance. Below are several sample ED evaluation forms that can be adapted for individual organizations.

Note: Please visit the ED/BOD Relationship page for additional ED information including sample job descriptions.

Sample ED Evaluation Forms:


A community health center’s Board of Directors should be evaluated by the Executive Director as well as by the individual board members. Results of this self-assessment process should give the board an indication of their strengths as well as areas that need improvement in their primary roles of goal setting, determining policy, funding strategy, financial and legal oversight, and evaluation.

The following questions will help the board review the satisfaction and effectiveness levels of individual board members:

  • Do volunteer board members feel respected?
  • Do they have the information they need to make decisions?
  • Do they understand their roles?
  • Do they enjoy their time on the board and committees?
  • Do they feel like they’re making a difference?

The following online board governance assessment tools and resources will help determine if the board is meeting its responsibilities:

Arizona Alliance for Community Health Centers
Board Meeting Survey

Asociación de Salud Primaria de Puerto Rico, Inc.
Annual Board Meeting Assessment (Spanish)

Assessing Board Performance

Florida Association of Community Health Centers, Inc.
Board of Directors Self Evaluation Questionnaire

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
Sample Board Self Evaluation
Sample Board Self Evaluation – Delaware
Sample Board Self Evaluation – Sumter

BOD Self-Evaluation

Tennessee Primary Care Association
Board Self-Evaluation Form

The Corporate Fund
Board Self-Assessment Questionnaire

West Virginia Primary Care Association
Board Self-Assessment Tool, 2014
Board Self-Assessment Tool, 2016

Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association
Board Effectiveness Survey
Board Self-Evaluation Form

Note: Many of the Nonprofit Organizational Assessment resources listed below include governance components which can be used to augment the resources listed above.


The Code of Federal Regulations tasks community health center boards with evaluating center activities while assuring that the center is operated in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The following online organizational assessment tools will help boards determine the organization’s effectiveness in areas ranging from program evaluation to financial management and long-term planning.

Evaluating the Performance of an Organization

Assessing Performance

Becoming a More Effective Nonprofit Board

Checklist of Nonprofit Organizational Indicators
Checklist to Assess Financial Activities in Nonprofit Organizations
Checklist to Evaluate a Nonprofit Board of Directors

Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool