Community Health Center Program Education & Outreach

The Community Health Center (CHC) Movement started with the establishment of the first two “Neighborhood Health Centers” (as they were then called) in 1965, with social justice and advocacy at its core.  To learn more about the CHC Movement’s inception, watch this video from the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC).  Through outreach and education, CHCs, Primary Care Associations (PCAs), and concerned individuals can do their part to support and advance the work of CHCs and address the needs of the patients and communities they serve.  This webpage aims to provide resources that can serve as tools and guides to build strong educational outreach programs within Region VIII CHCs and PCAs that demonstrate the value of community health centers.

Please follow the links below for:
Education & Advocacy Communications Resources
Voter Registration and Ballot Measure Advocacy Resources

To learn more about the Health Center Advocate Program, visit the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) Health Center Advocacy Network (HCAN) webpage.

To learn more about Region VIII* state-based advocacy efforts and sign up to be a CHC Advocate through your state’s PCA, visit the links below.

Colorado – Colorado Community Health Network (CCHN)
Information about CCHN’s policy and advocacy work.
Policy & Advocacy

North & South Dakota – Community HealthCare Association of the Dakotas (CHAD)
Information about various ways to get involved in advocacy efforts in the Dakotas.
Dakota Voice Advocacy

Sign up to receive alerts and notifications about the health care environment and calls to action for strategic and unified responses.
Join Dakota Voice

*Montana, Utah, and Wyoming’s Primary Care Associations (PCAs), Montana Primary Care Association (MPCA), Association for Utah Community Health (AUCH), and Wyoming Primary Care Association (WYPCA), respectively, have not yet established programs of this nature.

Please contact the CHAMPS Programs Coordinator, Population Health if you have any questions about these materials or would like to share any other useful resources.