Spanish Language Resources

CHAMPS has developed this listing of online resources to support Region VIII CHCs in treating and supporting their patients who are Spanish speaking.

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Spanish Language Classes and Tutorials
Online Spanish Language Learning Tools
Affordable Care Act & Outreach and Enrollment Spanish Language Resources
Medical Reference, Translation, and Interpretation Products and Services
Spanish Language Patient Education Tools
Disease/Condition Specific Patient Education Handouts


Community Health Association of Mountain/Plains States (CHAMPS) & Denver Medical Society (DMS)
Four-day intensive course, usually offered annually in the spring, consisting of medical dialogues, role-plays, cross-cultural discussions and daily practice that allows for an experience of immersion learning which is extremely suitable for those who need to use new language skills immediately with Spanish-speaking patients
CHAMPS Spanish Language for Health Care Professionals

Cross Cultural Health Care Program
Cultural competency trainings, interpreter trainings, and research projects
Current Events and Initiatives

Medical Spanish Academy
Four hours of classes including three hours of general Spanish followed by one hour of Medical Spanish or an intensive course for students with a minimum language skill level of intermediate in Costa Rica
Medical Spanish Programs

One-on-one online self-scheduled, individually paced medical and conversational Spanish tutorials with an online tutor
Personal Online Medical Spanish Tutor

Rios Associates
Intensive medical Spanish training in the US and Mexico for all levels
Medical Spanish Courses and Webinars


Easy to use translator, verb conjugator, medical dictionary, workbook with exercises, and learning tools such as medical Spanish podcast lessons and audio files of patient interviews in Spanish
Medical Spanish for Health Professionals

Lanugage Tailor
Over 50 free YouTube videos on medical Spanish. The wide array of resources is great for anyone from a novice Spanish speaker looking to get down the basics to more advanced speakers who need customized vocabulary
Medical Spanish
Learning resources with medical vocabulary, labeled illustrations, patient teaching aids, medical English-Spanish dictionary, and online classes for clinicians and health center staff
Learning Resources

Medical Spanish Podcasts
Multilevel grammar and vocabulary podcasts that you can listen to on your computer or download to your iPod
Medical Spanish and Spanish Grammar Review
Self-paced, online medical Spanish classes
Learn Spanish

News in Slow Spanish
Weekly Spanish podcast for language learners
News in Slow Spanish
Review the basics of Spanish (accents, vowels, pronunciation) or improve your intermediate Spanish with weekly medical Spanish dialogues, vocabulary, and phrases
Medical Spanish for Health Care Providers

Radio Ambulante
Narrative podcast that tells uniquely Latin American stories in Spanish
Radio Ambulante

Smithville Public Library
Helpful YouTube video provided by a library in Texas offers lessons on basic Spanish, body parts, patient complaints, and scenarios. The information appears both in print and in audio, so it is great for anyone looking to learn basic medical Spanish or reinforce information from other resources
Smithville Public Library

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
Toolkit includes an Information Brief, Discussion Guide, Planning Guide, and Newsletter, in both English and Spanish, that help health professionals create conversations about mental health that break down misperceptions and promote recovery
Community Conversations About Mental Health Toolkit (Diálogos comunitarios acerca de la salud mental)


Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) website in Spanish

National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association
Simple, straightforward information about what “Obamacare” means for patients
Basic ACA Information Tri-Fold Brochure – English
Basic ACA Information Tri-Fold Brochure – Spanish

Printed with a checklist of information patients need to provide to be enrolled in health insurance, this Number 10 envelope can be used as an education tool or as an appointment reminder card for patients who have been scheduled for a follow-up appointment to talk about enrollment
Insurance Enrollment Checklist Envelope – English
Insurance Enrollment Checklist Envelope – Spanish

Tri-fold brochure that provides basic information about Medicaid eligibility and the importance of coverage. Designed for use with Medicaid buckslip
Medicaid Brochure – English
Medicaid Brochure – Spanish

Lists income levels for Medicaid eligibility; there is room for health center personalization. It is designed for use with the Medicaid brochure and is available for Medicaid expansion states and non-expansion states
Medicaid Expansion States Buckslip – English
Medicaid Expansion States Buckslip – Spanish
Medicaid Non-Expansion States Buckslip – English
Medicaid Non-Expansion States Buckslip – Spanish

Script for screening patients for Medicaid/Special Enrollment
Medicaid/Special Enrollment Screening Script Card – English
Medicaid/Special Enrollment Screening Script Card – Spanish


Reference Materials

National Center for Farmworker Health, Inc. (NCFH)
Two-page document providing a list of commonly used English greeting words and phrases with Spanish translations and a phonetic pronunciation guide
List of English Greeting Words & Phrases for Monolingual Front Office Staff
List of English Greeting Words & Phrases for Monolingual Front Office Staff Audio Clips (must download pdf for audio to play & will need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player)

Translated Medical Forms and Documents

Health Information Translations
Fact sheets and signage presented in English with Spanish translation for many diseases, conditions, instructions, and diagnostic tests
Translated Fact Sheets and Signage


Agency for Healthcare Research Quality (AHRQ)
Illustrated patient educational pamphlets in Spanish or English with corresponding clinician guides on health topics including mental health; muscle, bone, and joint conditions; diabetes; cardiovascular health; and more
Patient Guides from the Effective Healthcare Program

Medical encyclopedia providing information on various health topics, and additional resources, multimedia materials, and research for all health topics
Trusted Health Information for You – English
Trusted Health Information for You – Spanish

National Center for Farmworker Health (NCFH)
Collection of bilingual digital stories narrated in Spanish with English subtitles that address various health topics and information on accessing health care services at Community/Migrant Health Centers. Topics include allergies, diabetes, colorectal cancer screening, heart failure, cholesterol, back pain, depression, asthma, blood pressure, pap tests, and more
Digital Stories

Collection of bilingual patient education resources. Topics include alcohol, allergies, arthritis, asthma, cancer, child care, diabetes, emergency preparedness, family planning, heart health, life skills, men’s health, mental health, oral health, women’s health, and more
Patient Education Resources

National Network of Libraries of Medicine
List of health resources from a variety of sources in various languages
Consumer Health Information in Many Languages Resources

Oregon Health Authority
Customizable 8.5 x 14″ patient bill of rights that can be printed and posted in your clinic. There is a color and a black and white version in English and Spanish
Patient Bill of Rights – English Black & White
Patient Bill of Rights – English Color
Patient Bill of Rights – Spanish Black & White
Patient Bill of Rights – Spanish Color

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
Encyclopedia of health subjects, frequently asked questions, and resources for clinicians and patients
My Healthfinder – English
My Healthfinder – Spanish

Downloadable Notices of Privacy Practices (NPP) in Spanish for providers or health plans to give to patients regarding the HIPAA Privacy Rule
Model Notices of Privacy Practices

HHS/National Institutes of Health (NIH), Office of Communications and Public Liaison
Free, reliable health information in Spanish featuring monthly content from NIH News in Health. There is also an “Ask Carla” section to help consumers locate health resources in Spanish
NIH Spanish Health Information Portal


Community Health Association of Mountain/Plains States (CHAMPS)
Patient education materials, most available in English and Spanish, addressing a wide variety of clinical topics
Patient Education Handouts

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Cardiovascular Health
Physical and Substance Abuse
General Health
Oral Health
Respiratory Health
Reproductive Health


Arthritis Foundation
Information for patients with arthritis including audio from the Arthritis Walk en Español

National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Foundation and Skin Disease (NIAMS)
Spanish Language Website that offers free information on conditions of bones, joints, muscles and skin Instituto Nacional de Artritis y Enfermedades Musculoesqueléticas y de la Piel


American Cancer Society 
Glossary of definitions and information for patients about cancer
Otros Temas

National Cancer Institute 
Information in Spanish on different types of cancer and resources for cancer patients
Cáncer en Español


Agency for Healthcare Research Quality (AHRQ)

Patient guide on renal artery stenosis treatments in Spanish (also available in English)
Tratamientos para la estenosis de la arteria renal: Guía para el consumidor

Patient guide on high cholesterol treatments in Spanish (also available in English)
Tratamientos para el colesterol alto: Guía para adultos

National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
Printable, bilingual flip chart booklet with color illustrations
Your Heart, Your Life: Picture Card

National Heart, Lung, Blood Institute: Latino Cardiovascular Resources
Print or order free bilingual booklets, health recipes, and workbooks on cardiovascular health
Education Materials for Patients


Agency for Healthcare Research Quality (AHRQ)
Three-episode Spanish language videonovela that provides information about type 2 diabetes managment by following the story of the Jimenez family
Aprende a Vivir (Learn to Live)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 
Order or print free brochures, posters, post cards, and fact sheets for people with diabetes
Spanish Language Diabetes Publications

Learning About Diabetes
Free printable booklets, handouts, visual aids, picture stories, and comics, in English and Spanish, about diabetes
Free Patient Downloads

National Diabetes Education Program
Free, printable, patient education publications for people with diabetes in English and Spanish
Translated Publications on Diabetes


National Domestic Violence Hotline
Printable resources in Spanish including a Personal Safety Plan Brochure, Power & Control Wheel, Immigrant Power & Control Wheel, LGBT Power & Control Wheel, and Folding Palm Card
Downloadable Materials

Office of Justice Programs
Resources to help better serve victims of sexual violence including glossaries, presentations, pocket cards, handouts, and more
Existe Ayuda Toolkit

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
Printable information for patients on substance use and mental health topics
Spanish Language Resources


Health information for the whole family in English and Spanish
Conditions A-Z – English
Conditions A-Z – Spanish

HHS, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality 
Information for patients about general health topics such as quality of care, health conditions, quitting smoking, prevention, wellness, and more
Información en español

HHS, Food and Drug Administration
Order or print free, full color, pamphlets on women’s health in Spanish (with English descriptions)
Consumer Information for Women – Printable

HHS, Womenshealth 
Information, publications, and printable resources in Spanish
Información A-Z

Medline Plus 
Materials on numerous health topics
Temas de Salud A – Z

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine 
Information on complementary and alternative medicine
¿Qué Significan Estos Términos?

National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders 
Order free brochures in Spanish on deafness issues and information as well as other communication disorders
Información en español


American Dental Association
Information, in English and Spanish, on oral health which includes quick tips and videos
Oral Health – English
Oral Health – Spanish

California Dental Association
Information on some of the most common issues affecting dental patients of all ages in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Hmong, and Vietnamese
Oral Health Fact Sheets

Campaign for Dental Health
Printable information, handouts, and posters on dental health
Spanish I Like My Teeth

Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center, HHS
Materials that provide information and activities about oral health with topics such as dental visits, fluoride, nutrition, oral health care, oral hygiene, and safety
Oral Health Resources for Spanish-Speaking Families

National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research
Print or order free brochures, in English and Spanish, on many oral health issues
Oral Health – English
Oral Health – Spanish

National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center
Collection of selected resources which offer high-quality information that is available in English and Spanish
Spanish-Language Materials for Consumers


Children’s Health Fund
Free, printable, culturally relevant health education brochures, lesson plans, and parent’s guide suitable for children and families of all backgrounds
Healthy Basics

Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition
Website that addresses Spanish-speaking parents’ needs and concerns such as, Why do kids need vaccines? Are they safe? and Where can I get my child vaccinated? and includes a “How Vaccines Work” video in Spanish


Agency for Healthcare Research Quality (AHRQ)
A patient and clinician research summary on recombinant human growth hormone treatment for cystic fibrosis
Hormona del crecimiento humano para los niños con fibrosis quística 

Centers for Disease Control
Free communication kit to promote awareness of the effects of in-house secondhand smoke
Smoking and Tobacco Use

ETR Associates
Order pamphlets, booklets, or workbooks, in English and Spanish, addressing issues with tobacco use
Tobacco pamphlets


Oregon Health Authority
Resources and tools in English and Spanish on topics such as various forms of birth control, health histories, and consent forms
Reproductive Health Provider Resources

Plain language brochure in Spanish designed to help patients navigate through many birth control options
Control de la Natalidad

Planned Parenthood en Español 
Information on sexual and reproductive health in Spanish
Temas de Salud

Reproductive Health Access Project
Patient fact sheet that compares different birth control choices by efficacy in a colorful and easy to read chart. The sheet helps people to compare pros and cons of different methods, along with common side effects
Tus Opciones Para El Control Natal