Recruitment and Retention Resources

The Workforce Development department at CHAMPS believes that the following Recruitment and Retention (R&R) information is important not only for CHCs needing to hire staff, but also for potential candidates and students exploring future employment opportunities.  Please contact the CHAMPS Programs Coordinator, Workforce & Communications if you have any questions about these materials or would like to share other useful resources you have found.

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Highlighted CHAMPS Surveys:
Region VIII Health Center Salary, Benefits, Turnover, and Vacancy Surveys
Region VIII Health Center Recruitment and Retention Surveys
Job Opportunities Bank (JOB) Data Comparison Reports

Sample Job Descriptions
Other R&R Resources for CHC Staff and Students


Attracting qualified candidates for open CHC positions can seem challenging. However, hiring a dedicated and long-term workforce is made more possible with the right tools. Follow the links below for:


While long-term retention begins with effective recruitment, a new hire’s first impressions and satisfaction over time can ensure a successful relationship between that staff member and their colleagues, patients, and community. Follow the links below for: