CHAMPS Overview

Community Health Association of Mountain/Plains States (CHAMPS) is a nonprofit membership association of community, migrant and homeless health centers (CHCs) in Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming. CHAMPS was founded in 1985 to unite Region VIII health centers in an advocacy and mutual support network of these community-based providers of primary care and related services for underserved communities in the Mountain and Plains states.

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Through our programming, activities, and offerings, CHAMPS aims to support Region VIII CHCs and Primary Care Associations (PCAs) by:

  • Providing accessible education and training opportunities for entry level and experienced staff and board members in a variety of formats including annual conferences, regional trainings, distance learning, online resources, etc.
  • Promoting collaboration, networking, and support between Region VIII CHCs and PCAs through committees, conference calls, site visits, trainings, conferences, etc.
  • Providing ongoing timely and valuable communications about federal policy, announcements, initiatives, funding and training opportunities, etc.
  • Providing online workforce development support through the Job Opportunities Bank (JOB) and Recruitment & Retention Resources
  • Providing high-quality online Clinical Resources including quality improvement tools, posters, videos, pocket cards, links, etc.
  • Collecting and disseminating national and regional CHC and related data
  • Continuously assessing the changing needs of Region VIII CHCs and PCAs to determine future programming


In order to meet these goals, CHAMPS provides a number of programs and services to its organizational members.

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Mountain/Plains Clinical Network (MPCN)

Workforce Development

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Conferences & Trainings
Networking & Support

CHAMPS Services:

Conferences & Trainings for clinical and non-clinical staff of CHCs and PCAs in Region VIII, including:

  • CHAMPS’ Annual Primary Care Conference is the premier training opportunity for health center staff and board members in Region VIII. CHAMPS Organizational Members receive a reduced registration fee, and Region VIII clinicians receive travel support to attend.
  • Training events sponsored by CHAMPS have included supervisor/manager skills courses, Intensive Spanish Language for clinicians, Harvard-taught courses for clinical leaders, and intensive CME courses. Reduced registration is available for members. Link to our Events & Trainings page for more information about current offerings.
  • Live and Archived Webcasts are offered free of charge to CHAMPS Organizational Members. CME credit is available. Please link to our Distance Learning page for more information.
  • Project ECHO Learning Communities are offered free of charge to CHAMPS Organizational Members. These live interactive series address pertinent quality improvement initiatives. Please link to our Project ECHO Learning Communities page for more information.
  • CHAMPS Educational Resources include videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs, clinical tools, board tools, recruitment and retention tools, and more. These resources are available online, on loan, and/or for purchase. Please link to our Tools & Products page for more information.

Please link to our Calendar of Events for information about upcoming program offerings and events nationwide.

Networking & Support to provide additional resources to board members and staff at CHCs and PCAs in Region VIII, including:

  • Connections with Federal Agencies: CHAMPS facilitates ongoing communications with the Bureau of Primary Health Care (BPHC), Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and other federal agencies.
  • Information Clearinghouse: CHAMPS maintains a small reference library as well as sample documents, resource links, and online tools. Please link to our Tools & Products page for clinical, board, recruitment and retention, special populations, outreach and enrollment, and other resources, as well as for information about the CHAMPS Lending Library.
  • Networking: CHAMPS provides opportunities for networking through conferences, committees, and information-sharing activities such as regional job and topic-specific conference calls. Please link to our Calendar of Events to explore upcoming activities. Please link to our Region VIII PCA Networking Conference Calls to view CHAMPS’ networking calls with other Primary Care Associations in Region VIII.
  • Welcome Program: CHAMPS distributes information about CHCs, PCAs, CHAMPS, MPCN, and other state, regional, and national programs of interest to newly hired CHC and PCA Executive Leadership Staff in the region. All newly identified medical, dental, behavioral health, and pharmacy providers are sent an electronic greetings with information about the Mountain/Plains Clinical Network (MPCN). Please contact the CHAMPS Programs Coordinator, Workforce & Communications with any new-hire information.

Publications available to all CHAMPS Organizational Members, including:

  • Health Center Directory: This Region VIII CHC Directory is updated every other year. Members may click HERE to access our Online CHC Directory. Non-members and members may link to our Publications page for information about purchasing a copy of the most recent directory.
  • Region VIII Salary Survey Reports: Survey participants and CHAMPS Organizational Members receive one free copy of this report, which is published every two years. Members, link to the Members Only section of this site for online versions of all reports. Non-members and members may link to our Publications page for information about purchasing a copy of the most recent report.
  • Region VIII Clinical Staffing and Provider Productivity Expectations Reports: Survey participants and CHAMPS Organizational Members receive one free copy of these reports, which are published every two years. Members, link to the Members Only section of this site for online versions of all reports. Link to our Publications page for more details about each report.
  • Quarterly Newsletter: An informational newsletter is e-mailed to Region VIII CHCs and PCAs four times a year. This resource includes updates on all CHAMPS programs and current events. Please click HERE for an archive of past quarterly newsletters.
  • Region VIII Recruitment & Retention Survey Reports: Free electronic reports with information vital to strengthening and enhancing successful recruitment and retention strategies already in place, and to developing new and innovative ways to support successful staff recruitment and retention. Please click HERE for more details.
  • Other Annual Reports: Including free downloadable Region VIII Uniform Data System (UDS) Summaries, Job Opportunities Bank Data Comparison Reports, and Region VIII Demographics, Women’s Health, Mortality, and Behavioral Health Data Summaries. Click HERE for more details.


Annual Organizational Membership is open to all CHCs and PCAs in Region VIII on a sliding scale, based on annual operating budget. CHAMPS is goverened by a Board of Directors made up of two representatives from each member organization (one administrative and one clinical), and led by an Executive Committee of elected officials.

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If you are interested in becoming a CHAMPS member, please contact the CHAMPS Executive Director.