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CORE Competencies for Health Center Supervisors and Managers
Next Level Skills for Health Center Supervisors and Managers

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The Geiger Gibson Health Policy Fellows Program

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CORE Competencies for Health Center Supervisors and Managers

Date/Time/Location: The 2023 CORE Competencies is anticipated to be held in April/May 2023. 

Lead Trainer: Lisa Mouscher, CEO and Lead Consultant at Sogence Training and Consulting

Course Overview: Managers and supervisors play a pivotal role in the success of the health center, yet many are hired or promoted into their roles without the core skills to effectively hire, train, manage, engage, retain, and develop others. This course, specifically designed for supervisors and managers at community, migrant, and homeless health centers, offers intensive, hands-on, and immediately applicable skill-building to successfully navigate management and supervisory roles in the fast-paced and often challenging health center environment. Don’t miss this opportunity to ensure you have the nuts-and-bolts knowledge, skills, and strategies to be successful in your management role.

Course Components: This course will be offered as a virtual training and includes group and one-on-one educational and networking components.

Questions about this training?
Please contact the CHAMPS Programs Coordinator, Health Center Workforce.

Beyond CORE Competencies: Next Level Skills for Health Center Supervisors and Managers (NLS)

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Date/Time/Location: The next course is anticipated to be offered six Thursday mornings, September 1 – October 6, 2022.

Lead Trainer: Lisa Mouscher, CEO and Lead Consultant at Sogence Training and Consulting

Course Overview: The “Next Level Skills” training is a step up from the CORE Competencies Training (described above), allowing health center managers and supervisors to delve deeper into the best practices, knowledge, and skills needed to be a great manager. This course begins with a review of crucial skills needed to hire, coach, retain, and manage others. Participants will then move to higher-level learning for effectively engaging a diverse workforce; avoiding, circumventing, and de-escalating conflict; strengthening day-to-day decision making practices; and successfully managing change. Participants will undertake short homework assignments to encourage and facilitate putting new skills into immediate action. Join us for this opportunity to take your skills, your department, and your health center to the next level.

Course Components: This course will be offered as a virtual training and includes group and one-on-one educational and networking components.

Questions about this training?
Please contact the CHAMPS Programs Coordinator, Health Center Workforce.


Advanced Leadership Training Program (ALTP)
Regional Institute for Health and Environmental Leadership (RIHEL)
August – May Annually, Denver, CO
RIHEL provides leadership training, builds linkages among leaders, and strengthens the relationships among health professionals, environmental professionals, the academic community, the public sector, and the private sector (click HERE for more information about RIHEL and its various programs). RIHEL’s Advanced Leadership Training Program (ALTP) is a year-long program designed to help current and emerging leaders understand their leadership behaviors, enhance their leadership skills, make use of the collaborative process to address complex problems, and create an interdisciplinary network of colleagues who are dedicated to the health and environment of the RIHEL region (CO, WY and NM). Topics studied and practiced include: exemplary leadership practices, collaborative leadership, diversity assets, difficult conversations, peer coaching, intentional action for leaders, systems thinking, advocacy and influence, and communicating through the media. ALTP begins in August each year and completes the following May. Applications are accepted each year from mid-January through April 30th.

Contact: Jen McIntyre Stachelski, MPH, RIEHL Program Manager, jen.stachelski@rihel.org or 303-871-2097.
Click HERE for more details about the program.

The Geiger Gibson Program in Community Health Policy
Health Policy Fellows Program
Washington, DC

The Health Policy Fellows Program is designed to enable mid-level and senior health center and Primary Care Association (PCA) staff to develop a deeper understanding of health policy and acquire key health policy analysis skills of value to their own organization’s policy advocacy efforts. Over a series of web-based sessions culminating in a four-day residential session in Washington, DC, the Fellows Program will provide rising health center and PCA leaders an immersive experience in federal health policy and policymaking, and will assist participants to develop basic health policy analysis competencies that will enable them to develop positions and engage in advocacy. Participants will be instructed by senior National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) staff, faculty at the Milken Institute School of Public Health, Washington, DC health policy experts, Geiger Gibson Distinguished Visitors, and congressional and agency staff.

Click HERE for more details about this program.

Harvard School of Public Health Executive Education in Health Care Programs
The Harvard School of Public Health offers a variety of leadership and management programs for health care and physician executives. The programs are designed to assist professionals with their strategic planning while providing new information and techniques for immediate implementation. Harvard faculty present programs in collaboration with other recognized leaders in the field. Leadership trainings include:

  • Leadership Strategies for Evolving Health Care Executives
  • Leadership Strategies for Information Technology in Healthcare
  • Leadership Development for Physicians in Academic Health Centers

Click HERE for descriptions of these programs (search “Leadership” in Topics box) and a schedule of upcoming programs.

UCLA/Johnson & Johnson Health Care Executive Program
This annual intensive 11-day management program is designed exclusively for executives (e.g., CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, etc.) of community health centers. Executives from other community-based healthcare organizations that partner with health systems to address behavioral health issues and/or HIV/AIDS are also encouraged to apply. This program has particular applicability for those who have just assumed, or soon will assume, major management responsibilities. Organizations are encouraged to send multiple individuals from the leadership team, and to identify other organizations with which they plan to merge, form an alliance or partner with, and then apply jointly. The curriculum consists of practical tools, techniques and approaches to leadership and management designed to assist CHCs in adapting to the rapid and radical changes in policy, demographics, and technology impacting health care today. A unique and fundamental component of this program is that during the last two and a half days of this training, the board or community coalition chair is involved as a co-participant.

Click HERE for more information about the Health Care Executive Program.


The National Medical Home Summit
This annual hybrid conference/internet event is a leading forum on the development and implementation of the Patient Centered Medical Home model. It is sponsored by Jefferson School of Population Health and cosponsored by American Academy of Family Practice, American Academy of Pediatrics, Convenient Care Association, and Disease Management Association of America.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Annual International Summit on Improving Patient Care in the Office Practice and Community
IHI is an independent not-for-profit organization that works with health care providers and leaders throughout the world to achieve safe and effective health care. Their annual summit brings together revolutionary thinkers and innovative practitioners who strive to make critical connections across care settings while containing costs and providing the best patient experience.

American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting and Exposition
This huge exposition featuring over 700 public health exhibits offers a plethora of opportunities for people involved with health care to launch careers and meet with pharmaceutical companies, schools of public health, health-related government agencies and many other public health service and public-related organizations.